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Your new career in Technology is waiting, let’s get underway

Have you been considering something new?

Our Talent IT initiative offers you valuable commercial experience, a generous salary and terrific technology specific training. We believe it’s the best way to train, learn and earn and we are excited to offer it to you.

How can we help you?

We are looking for passionate people with a taste for technology; whether you are yearning for a fresh opportunity, looking to return to work or change career paths, the Talent IT is the platform for you. Through Talent IT, we will provide you with:

  • The very best training around IT and Technology
  • The choice of multiple start dates throughout the year
  • Rewards, prizes and invitations to various social events
  • A Talent IT mentor

And of course, a new career. Talent IT is truly a stepping stone into a successful and prosperous highly skilled technology career.
The process is simple, if you are graduating, desire a move into technology or returning to work:

  • Apply to Talent IT through Hinterview
  • Telephone screening stage with a Harvey Nash / Talent IT representative followed by a basic technical test and assessment day
  • Technology skills training
  • Placed on site
  • 12 Month conversion to client

“A great relation between employer and employee: a wonderful base for great cooperation.”

Christophe Boulenger

“I love working for Talent-IT because of their great support. Talent IT recognizes my skill, respects my abilities and found the perfect job for me. They are really good at placing the right person at the right place to utilize their qualities to the fullest. “

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Kevin Schoeters

“Cohesion, trust, support and openness ensure a perfect cooperation.”

testimonial persoon

Stijn De Prekel

“Successful, familiar, lively positive, committed, and all this pleasant and very friendly. My best employer.”

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Tony Bijl